Physical activity

Soccer allows children to develop and improve their physical fitness which is a key component for their healthy growth and development. The intensity of every session is monitored and tailored to suit everyone's ability

Technical skills

Allows us to develop a child's ability to understand and complete key soccer movements.


Social interaction

Our soccer sessions are a forum for children to learn and interact with others. We place a strong emphasis on communication with the aim of building confidence, making new friends and enjoying themselves.


With continually striving to improve and develop our sessions, we also include the following to further enrich our coaching. 


Player of the week

A motivational method to incentivise our players. At the end of our sessions every week one player receives a prize for their good behaviour, teamwork, effort and/or skills.Throughout our 10/12 week programme, we make sure that every child has an equal opportunity to receive this accolade based on the Burns Soccer School criteria.


After school and during school coaching sessions can be provided, allowing every child and opportunity to attend. Classes are completely flexible and can be tailored to suit the school timetables.

For indicative purposes, we have outlined a guideline coaching structure below.

Football for all programme.

(during school)

  • Primary 1-7: (9.30am - 12.30pm)

After school programme.

  • Primary 1-3: 2.00pm - 3.00pm
  • Primary 4-7: 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Our programmes

Are delivered over 10 weeks which involve 1 hour sessions and the cost of the programme is £30.00 per child or £3.00 per week per child. 

*Costs should be covered by the parent/guardian of the interested child unless the school/organisation has any funding they would like to use.


Every school has the opportunity to experience Burns Soccer School through a taster session.  This session consists of games and drills that every coach implements into their daily sessions throughout the week and term.  This is very popular with all our schools, as each school gets the chance to see how we operate and conduct ourselves around the children before engaging and committing to one of our programmes.